DJI and Hasselblad introduce first joint aerial photography package

World-leading drone manufacturer, DJI and iconic camera maker, Hasselblad today announced the first fruits of the collaboration announced in Nov 2015. The eagerly awaited A5D-M600 bundle comprises DJI's recently launched M600 Hexcopter with DJI Ronin gimbal and is coupled with the world class Hasselblad A5D camera, offering an unrivalled combination of 16 bit colour, 14 stops of dynamic range, a range of medium format CMOS sensors up to 80 megapixels, nine lenses ranging from 24 to 300mm, all wrapped up in an advanced integrated aerial platform.

The M600 UAV offers several layers of redundancy, not seen in other aerial platforms currently on the market. In addition to having 6 propellers and the ability to continue to fly safely after the loss of a motor/prop, the M600 uses six intelligent batteries, which allow it to remain in flight in the event of failure of a single battery. It also uses the Lightbridge™ 2 video transmission system, allowing 1080p video to be streamed during flight. In addition, the M600 can be specified with up to three GPS receivers or D-RTK GNSS, enabling sub-cm positional control.

Prices for this combination have yet to be announced but the package will certainly not come cheap.

The M600 platform is fully compatible with Elevated Imaging Systems current range of DJI cameras, including the X3 and X5 as well as with the X5R and Zenmuse XT Thermal Cameras. With these cameras, flight time is increased enormously, up to an astounding 35 minutes, enabling significantly enhanced versatility and reliability in the field.

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