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When is a drone not a drone?!!

Following widespread reports last week that a drone had collided with a British Airways' jet approaching to land at Heathrow. UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has now told MPs it is now thought what happened "was not a drone incident".

BBC Transport Correspondent Richard Westcott has said air accident investigators had stopped their investigation because "there is nothing to look at".

BA said at the time that the Airbus A320 landed safely and was examined by engineers before being cleared to take off on its next flight.

The engineers found no damage or in fact any indication that a collision had actually taken place.

An investigation launched by the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has been closed due to lack of evidence. A spokesman for the AAIB said: "We made initial inquiries but there was insufficient information on what object was involved for us to take it further."

It is now suspected that the object spotted by the pilots may have been nothing more sinister than a plastic grocery bag.

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