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Building Inspections

Drones are commonly used now for carrying out building and roof inspections. You can now avaoid the prohibitive costs of hiring cherry pickers or scaffolding/access platforms and avail of affordable, capable drone building inspection services in Belfast.

Rapid deployment, low noise and significantly lower costs than cherry pickers and scaffolding. 


Reach relatively inaccessible locations whilst reducing risks to personnel.

Flight time of up to 30 minutes per battery charge.
Photogrammetric surveys of large areas is possible using our M300 and P4 RTK equipment
Real-time monitoring of camera feed

Cameras can be used with a variety of lenses enabling fine detail to be obtained, whilst maintaining a safe distance from structures.


Camera settings can be adjusted remotely without the need to land.

We are able operate in congested areas providing safe minimum clearances to people and structures are maintained.


Risk management is assured by adhering strictly to the procedures set out in our CAA Approved

Operations Manual.

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